Derek Thompson

Artisan, Master Carpenter & Expert Homebuilder
Like his Father before him, third generation master carpenter Derek Thompson, eventually started his own construction company in 1997, where he quickly earned a reputation for more than just being a master carpenter. 

Growing up in a small town in the 80’s, Derek began working with his Father when he was 12 years old. His Father owned a large company that was busy building apartments, homes and farm buildings. During that time in his life, Derek got to watch the daily dynamics of managing crews, overseeing large projects and the challenges of balancing a family.

Derek paid close attention to the needs of the customer and treated them with patience, dignity and respect. Derek recognized early on the need to focus on the person and not the pay. Derek knows first-hand that in order to get the best results for any project, it is far better to be transparent with full disclosure then to blind side someone later because it was left out of the conversation. Leaving a legacy of quality and craftsmanship and maintaining a good reputation was paramount for Derek and his family, which meant doing your best to take care of those who take care of you. 

Being around construction his whole life afforded Derek the rare opportunity to acquire literally every skill needed to become a true artisan and master craftsman. As a business owner of many years, Derek has learned who best to hire and which companies are best to partner with. As a general contractor who oversees every project, Derek is keenly attuned to the needs of each of his sub-contractors and knows the best ways to help them be successful for the task at hand. Simply put, he knows how to get the best results for any budget or project.

To this day, Derek enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge by coming along side other tradesman and contractors who have each gone on to become very successful. As a result of his kindness, humility and approachable demeanor, Carpentry by Design has grown to new heights affording him the great privilege of building four homes for his own family members. Derek pours into his community, friends, family and colleagues by volunteering, sharing his skills and through his generosity. Here are a few ways Derek stays involved and gives back to his community. 

Booster Member: Brandon Valley Band, Brandon Valley Athletics
Advisory Board Member of the Ministry Arts Academy
Builder and Leader for Missions Outreach: Rosebud Indian Reservation, Haiti
Serves by Volunteering at the furniture Mission, The Banquet and Nightwatch
Volunteer coach for 13 years, serve at banquet, furniture mission, rosebud / Haiti
missions- kids and elderly.

People… It all comes back to people. Starting with his own wife Stacy and their 3 boys who have all worked side by side with their dad over the years. Grateful for his success, Derek prioritizes what matters most in life through a lot of help from his faith, family and friends and continues to inspire others to help and serve through his example as a husband, father and business man in his community.